Innovations - Translational Research

One of the most important results that the Noesis Group has obtained lately in the field of Industrial Research is the development of an information longitudinal structure which stores facts over time. The facts are triplets of process, object and information data which are generated when the process acts on the object.
This was the main result obtained in the project LISBB -LISBioBank-, a result that has already been tested on products currently under exploitation showing its high potential for rapid adaptation of the tools to changes and, especially, the large capacity for treatment and exploitation of the longitudinal information.
The use of this technique in this project will bring significant benefits in process improvement through QRP, one of the main objectives to be achieved.
For this reason an initial effort has been made addressed to analyzing needs and establishing the scope viability for the use of this technique. On this basis the elements or modules on which it will be applied have been chosen.
For this it has been necessary to undertake a translational research activity aimed at abstracting the method and the implementation technique of what we now call fact bases -rather than longitudinal databases-, in such a way that a model and a specification method independent of context can be obtained.


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