QRP is a tool for quality assurance in the production of software accessible through the Web, therefore of ubiquitous access, i.e. irrespective of the location of the user. The user only needs a PC with Web access and the corresponding access rights.
It has several modules among which are:
Secure Access module
Allows or denies access to the platform by a SSO procedure. It is responsible for determining the responsibilities of the user and accordingly presents the environment specific to their responsibilities.
Governance enviroment
Responsible for the ordinary maintenance tasks of the platform; in particular, the maintenance of the repository and service relationships.
This is the Web tool for the Communication and Optimization of Service Processes in the area of Business Intelligence.
Federated SPOCS
Tool for project management based on process maps to facilitate the management of assets and documentary artifacts, through communications made with them.
This is a tool that has the characteristics of a document manager -single storage of project documents-, which allows in particular the automatic generation of the document file which is delivered to the customer and of the file that stays in the entity as an asset.
Federated SPOCS allows project management to all network entities.
Through Federated SPOCS the knowledge that allows quality assurance and process improvement is generated and extracted.
Contextualized Guidelines for the Implementation of CMMI Levels
This module helps to implement the CMMI quality model in the entities using the platform. It is designed to guide companies, according to their level of maturity or capacity, on the processes to be considered in the management of projects, offering goals and practices that must be met for each process, with the objective that the company reaches a new level whatever the representation chosen -continuous or staggered-.
Evaluation of the model
Allows assessments according to the CMMI model for any of its representations -continuous or staggered-, based on the SCAMPI method (Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement).
Time and Task Control
Allows the planning and monitoring of the tasks to be executed in the development of a project through a Gantt chart.
The participants in the project can enter the effective hours dedicated to each of their assigned tasks, allowing dedication time control of projects.
Configuration Management
Component of service support based on ITIL, responsible for the management, versioning and configuration.
Requirements Development and Management
This module supports the development (RD) and management processes (REQM) of project requirements, considering the Process Areas that describe the CMMI model, and quality standards IEEE 830 and IEEE 1233-1998.
Business Intelligence Framework
Allows the construction of timelines and indicators, both basic -that take values directly from the database of the platform- and derived -which can be built using arithmetic formulas, presenting their values based on the values of the basic indicators and parameters of the formula that defines them-.


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